We know how costly it is to be on the giving end of ads no one wants to see, which is why our marketing strategy involves a thorough analysis of your target audience. Once that is done, we refocus our marketing efforts by saving you precious time and money.

At Meridian tech, we offer digital media planning and buying services that will help you to identify the right platform to market in your budget and will provide you results in no time.

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Search ads have been known to bring an 80% rise in brand awareness, whereas banner ads increase traffic to a website by as much as 300% — Social Media Today.

PPC, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Linkedin Ads, and Google Ad plays a vital role to reach the audience and sales growth.

We make sure you steer clear of Click Fraud, your campaign remains well within the budget you set for it, and bring in an ROI that corresponds to the click-through rate.

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Google Ads

We make sure you steer clear of Click Fraud, your campaign remains well within the budget you set for it, and bring in an ROI that corresponds to the click-through rate.

Facebook/Instagram Ads

If looking to viral your brand through Content, Facebook/Instagram Ads will help you to reach the audience you want and increase your brand visibility.

Linkedin Ads

Our team of experts will assist you in reaching professionals through paid LinkedIn advertisements and will offer you high-quality leads within your budget.



Emails are known to generate revenues up to $38 for every $1 spent; that means an impressive 3,800% ROI – Hub Spot

Even though many companies claim to provide the best in email marketing services, very few do. Despite being cheaper than other digital marketing tools, visibility in this medium has become so uncertain that emails are being received as spam.

Email marketing companies have to have a whole strategy in order to attract traffic to their client’s businesses. That’s where we come in.

We believe in being tried and tested since it’s better to be on the safe side on such a slippery slope.

According to globally acknowledged entrepreneur Neil Patel, the best way to retain customer interest is by dividing them into three groups.

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Utilize all Buying channels to maximize reach and increase return on investment. At Meridian tech, we provide a complete strategy and execution plan to reach out to the right audience on the right within the budget.

Our team will track KPIs for you.

We will do detailed research before executing the plan.

We automate our process to measure results.

We ensure to use of a technical and advanced approach to measuring results.

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Customer List

For those, that actually bought something

Newsletter Subscribers

Only those that specifically subscribed to the service

Daily Email List

Separate from those that have signed up to receive weekly or monthly emails


Along with the present templates, our email marketing company’s services also include solutions customized to fit your requirements.

From the moment we are given a job, we make sure to establish round-the-clock contact with your company. We ensure you are not left in the dark about any steps in our creative process, and for you to remain satisfied with what we have accomplished on your behalf. Our success in turn ensures your success and is therefore of paramount importance to our team.

With Meridian Tech at the helm, your future is secure.

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