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4 Scroll-Stopping Techniques For Graphic Design In Social Media

4 Scroll-Stopping Techniques For Graphic Design In Social Media

Brands are competing for audience attention on a regular basis on any social media platform, and by far one of the biggest factors in grabbing their attention are the visuals.

Unsurprisingly, the thing they see first is the one that makes the biggest impression and can be the deciding factor whether they become a lead or just another scroller.

Strategies for creating top class visuals are everywhere, but that’s never all there is to it. We’ll cover the techniques that’ll stop your audience dead in their tracks.

Let Motion Give Your Design Life

How do you catch people’s attention even when they’re hardly interested?


Our eyes are naturally attracted to movement in any medium. It actively stops readers from scrolling to see what your post is about.

The benefit of design in motion like in GIFs, videos and the like is the fact that it inherently creates a sort of mystery to the post, like “What’s going to happen in this?”, especially if the content is enticing enough and builds up what’s to come.

There’s no point to great graphic design and posts if your readers aren’t actually bothering to stop and see them, so this is very important to keep in mind.

Storyboards Are The Start Of Your Story

Making videos is an expensive and time-consuming process, not to mention that it requires some serious talent to make something unique and presentable.

However, there’s a little shortcut that cuts out a lot of the hassle.

Online storyboards are available at little cost or even free in sites like Boosted, where you can simply insert what you need and let the app make everything for you, majorly removing a lot of the necessary expensive elements of standard video making.

Make Your Message Clear And Concise

People casually scrolling through their social media feeds may seem like an easily attainable audience, but they’re actually quite picky. Due to how fast people scroll, any message that doesn’t immediately catch your attention can be skipped over on a whim.

Spelling out your message in precise, short terms is the key to getting your audience hooked. Grab them with your core message, let them know exactly what they’re actually getting in the best way, and they’ll gladly stop and read exactly what you’re trying to sell.

Carousels Keep Up The Engagement

Carousels generate the single highest engagement in all of Instagram.

No matter the platform, carousels are no joke. The instant swiping power they hold is undeniable, and if you combine it with eye-catching motion and clear design, you’ve basically gotten your audience hooked already.

Similar to videos, they hold an inherent storytelling advantage, where you want to see what’s behind each swipe. It’s in basic human nature to not let the unknown stay unknown.

The key to scroll-stopping design at the end of the day is catching the reader’s attention and then keeping them with you, and carousels are the perfect for exactly that.

Combine These Techniques For The Best Results

One or two of these might be effective on their own, but who says you only need to apply them one at a time?

Almost all of these techniques are universally applicable regardless of your brand or your platform, and work best in tandem. Up and coming digital marketing agencies do exactly that.

If you’ve got concise, moving carousels, you’re already most of the way to capturing your audience.

All you need by then is just good content and clean design.